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Mensa Member Events

Elevate your events with access to premium event packages from American Mensa’s official wine brand and club. Enjoy a selection of fine wines and special benefits for a memorable gathering with fellow Mensa members.

Why Purchase our Event Packages?

Support American Mensa and help us make a meaningful difference by directing proceeds towards our mission to foster intelligence and provide a community for like-minded individuals.
Bring your Mensa community together for a memorable experience and raise a glass to old memories or make new ones while supporting American Mensa.
Each bottle of Great Minds Napa Valley is carefully handcrafted to honor the values of American Mensa and our members. Every sip of this fine wine celebrates our mission and the community we hold dear.
We offer assistance & personalized support on how to host your wine tasting experience. If you are an active leadership member of American Mensa or organizing a Mensa event, please fill out the form below or reach out to us.

What’s Included?

Unwrap the ultimate wine experience with each package, featuring:

  • Limited-edition, premium wines from Napa Valley, crafted exclusively for American Mensa members
  • An American Mensa fire-branded vintage wooden wine crate
  • Tasting guides to enhance your experience and provide information on tasting notes & suggested food pairings
  • Great Minds Club information cards for a deeper understanding of our club
  • Special pricing

Event Packages

  • Are you interested in organizing an
    member/leadsership event or do you need assistance?
  • Or contact Alexia Arias!
    Email: alexia@fewinery.com
    Phone number: (707) 341-0965